Youtube video count not updating

i am using youlikehits to get some likes on my video but it seems that youtube is blocking likes or not updating counter because ylh counter has 20 likes delivered but my video has received none.

Some who knows this can please clarify is youtube blocking likes or just delay like views ??

If there are no some kind of updates on YT that cause delay in likes counting, reason for that could be that like in case of subs.

If one user in short period of time likes to many videos, YT maybe will remove them (same as comments and subs).

Here's a couple of key links: Channel information documentation: "Try it" page: Anyway just disregard my questions about the formatting, I already find the answer from existing stackoverflow posts.

Now, my question is, Is the "$matches[1][0]" value , returns a string or a number?

If so, I guess in 1 or 2 days it should be back to normal for your video.You can compare it to what the shortcode is outputting below.I'm trying to pull the count of subscribers for a particular youtube channel.It sounds like the view count on will not be incremented if you choose to use your own (or a widget) player.I’ll have to do some testing to validate this, but it makes sense since you have a lot of control over video behavior in your own player and could just run video views to the moon.Here we break down a key metric, video views across all major social media platforms, in order to give marketers a better idea of how to assess their video marketing campaigns.


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