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Robby, six years old, and his 14-year-old brother, Peter, have a joint online chat which he later depicts in another chat session as "))((", an emoticon that means "pooping back and forth, forever." This piques the interest of the woman at the other end and she suggests a real life meeting.

The film begins by introducing Richard (John Hawkes), a shoe salesman and recently separated father of two.

It is impossible to suggest how poetic this scene is; when it's over, you think, that was a perfect scene, and no other scene can ever be like it.

Richard and Christine are at the center of the film, but through Richard's sons, we meet other characters.

After being thrown out by his wife Pam (Jo Nell Kennedy), he gets an apartment of his own to share with his children, Peter (Miles Thompson) and Robby (Brandon Ratcliff).

He meets Christine (Miranda July), a senior-cab driver and amateur video artist, while she takes her client to shop for shoes, and the two develop a fledgling romantic relationship.


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