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The same codes were used by National Playing Card Co.

and New York Consolidated Card Co., which were subsidiaries of the USPCC at the time of the start of code use in 1904. also used these codes after they were acquired by the USPCC in 19 respectively.

Plus, maybe if he sees it drawn out, he’ll start to understand the seriousness of the uneven covers situation. This card fulfills three very important Valentine’s Day Card Criteria: It includes a pun, it expresses love, and it prominently features a pizza.

If those three things aren’t reason enough to purchase it, then we don’t know what is. This punny Valentine's Day card maps out the perfect breakfast in bed—eggs and bacon. Regardless of who makes the meal, this is the perfect note to express your love.

This is the perfect card to send to your long-distance best friend—and remind her that you two are the ultimate dynamic duo. Once you can let a few things go, especially something as annoying and occasionally painful as running a sharp metal blade up and down your legs, you know you’ve found a keeper.

To buy: , Sioux Alice/we love new uses for things.

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With women, couples and relationship legit dating sites.

The nice people over at one of these sites — Greenlight Card — have given me a free account along with a nice-looking silver case of free cards.

But somehow, I haven't managed to get excited about doing it.

Warning: Once you visit the Paper Chase website, you may end up with more than just one card in your shopping cart—their products are too cute to pass up. If you've started your spring cleaning, you've probably found a large stack of birthday, holiday, and Valentine's Day cards piled up in a drawer, almost forgotten.

But there's something about loving, handwritten notes that makes them hard to let go—so no judgment if this card gets added to the pile. Who wants to go together like peanut butter and jelly when there are so many more delicious combinations out there?


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