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As a kid, I looked up to him as the savior of all children against the horrible clutches of boredom.Our little minds all go into overdrive whenever we see a Robert Rodriguez film.

Two generations of characters shared the honours in a tale of espionage, heroes, villains, gadgets and family loyalties.Anyone who saw his seminal kids classic Spy Kids probably watched The Adventures Of Sharkboy and Lavagirl as well.Say what you will about The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, but it will remain one of our favorite sleep-over movies, and the one that will always make us hungry for milk and cookies.After a brutal episode in which his “dream journal” is pillaged and defaced by bullies, the polarities in Max’s life spiral out of control and his imaginary heroes whisk him away to the Planet … Drool — a world embodying his connection to the fantastic realms of his imagination.Because of his waning interest in dreams, Planet Drool is being threatened by sinister forces, represented by Max’s teacher (George Lopez) and alpha bully (Jacob Davich).All jaunts into the imaginary land of Drool are done in Rodriguez’s trademark 3-D sequences.


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