Who is milo ventimiglia dating now

Milo is famous for his role as Jess Mariano on WB/CW’s T.v series Gilmore Girls.

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His father is of Italian/Sicilian descent, and his mother has English and Scottish ancestry.

Many of Moore’s fans thought that the co-stars Moore and Milo Ventimiglia are real-life couples.

Sadly, that’s not true as Moore and Ventimiglia don’t share any off-screen chemistry, rather they are great friends. News reported that Ventimiglia said he would never date his co-stars, but still he shared great words for Moore as he designated her as one of the kindest women and an amazing performer.

"It doesn't make me want to have a family any more than I think I'm built to want a strong family unit," Ventimiglia, 39, exclusively tells Us Weekly. "I had crew members showing me how to change a diaper. "Sometimes when we are around kids [on set], she's like, 'Milo, I am never having kids.'"For more with Ventimiglia, what to expect in the upcoming episodes and if he's as romantic as Jack, watch the video above!

It's just kind of, I'm present in the space in my life that when it presents itself and it's right, I'm sure it will work out." "I love it. "I mean, we get to hold these newborn children, and I can't believe their parents were willing to hand over their babies to me," Moore, 32, who is currently dating Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith, said on Conan March 1.


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