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Here she tells Creator's Corner about the transition from bedroom vlogger to pro anchor, and how she's come to get used to all that planning. The first time I spoke to Andrew Baron was in June 2009 when I received an email asking if I had any interest in being Rocketboom's anchor.

I had started watching the show when Caitlin (thehill88) hosted it earlier in the year and was definitely interested.

4chan, Children, and Dank: I DID A PUSH-UP TODAY ./n.- R , WELL, ACTUALLY I threw a sack full of retarded children into the Arctic Ocean 😂😂😂 Follow for more funny minion memes!

With a limited budget, this young couple have many found objects and art collections that give their space character.

Sure, all of these videos are amateurish and intended to be shared between friends, but they show a juvenile knack for joke-telling on par with some of today’s best millennial comedy stars. Do you feel like your sense of humour has helped you with your music career? a lot of people probably think it’s pretty annoying. Sometimes kids will turn up to shows and just want us to burp into the microphone or do weird shit the whole time, which isn’t so bad — at least they want to get funky. I asked him to put together any photos he had of me right when they signed me so they could be used for press stuff, and it turned out he had a lot of photos of me wearing lipstick, stretching my penis out as far as it goes.

Get lost in a You Tube hole — or catch Mac De Marco live, often a mess of belches, exposed genitalia and unnecessarily long classic rock covers — and you begin to understand why they’ve got such an obsessive fan base with Tumblr-scrolling teenagers and hip tastemakers alike. A lot of my friends and I got really into leaving really dumb videos on each others Facebook pages. Do you start with a concept and go from there, or do you just kind of dick around and see what happens? There’s a lot of kids on the internet that really get down with all the stupid crap I post. Other than that it’s never given me any grief really. It seems like you guys are pretty deep into the You Tube scene. I’m not a huge comedy guy, but some of my favorite You Tubers include: Shoenice22, Vikram Yadav, Shane Jensen and Fartin Freak to name a few. Have you ever thought about pursuing comedy on a more serious scale?

If you’re like me, you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day wondering what you can improve in your dating life. For some sage advice, he invited four of You Tube’s leading ladies onto his show to shower him with a few handfuls of useful dating tips.

Said four ladies are Grace Helbig AKA Daily Grace, Hannah Hart, Beth Hoyt of Beth In Show, and mememolly.


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