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The 1997 romantic disaster film uses a mix of fictional and real characters to recreate the tragedy in which 1,502 people were killed when Titanic struck an iceberg and sank during its maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in 1912.

Cameron's film sailed on to become one of the biggest box-office successes of all time and the winner of 11 Academy Awards.

Frances Fisher says she won the role of Ruth De Witt Bukater in the Hollywood blockbuster "Titanic" after she asked writer-director-producer James Cameron to stand on a conference-room table while she auditioned.

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“I’m a ’90s baby, I like grunge,” she says as she pulls at her ponytail to tighten it.

The day before I met Eastwood in Carmel, California, at the Mission Ranch, his beautiful, historic seaside property with guest bungalows, restaurant and tennis club, he put the finishing touches to his forty-third film, Absolute Power, a political thriller based on the best-selling novel by David Baldacci.

Eastwood directs, produces, and stars - as a somewhat honourable jewel thief named Luther Whitney, who, when burglarising a mansion, witnesses a sex-gone-awry murder involving the President and his mistress.

You literally have to ask me to leave the class every five minutes. “We were at dinner and he was like, ‘Oh, I have a part you might be right for in my next picture.’ ” Dolling up in “Jersey Boys” 1960s garb felt natural to Francesca — and not only because her parents used to play that music when she was growing up.

“When I was 16,” she says, “I was obsessed with this guy who loved doo-wop. ’ “ ‘Sea of Love,’ Phil Phillips, that stuff really melts my heart.” But when Francesca shows up for lunch in Hollywood, she’s the picture of another era altogether.


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