Who is dating sean penn

“She’s the love of my life.” The public declaration of Penn’s affections surprised few in his inner circle.

After 11 months of dating, the couple reportedly got engaged in Paris last November and the actor is said to be “besotted” with the stunning 39-year-old South African.

The pair arrived at John F Kennedy airport, climbing into the same car.

House Of Cards star Robin carried just a purse while her ex-husband appeared to be carrying all their luggage, pulling an over night bag, while carrying a duffel bag in his arms.

The Los Angeles native had no security around him and not one VIP airport handler. Penn looked slender in his grey T-shirt with light beige slacks and an olive green bomber jacket. This sighting comes after the star was seen with his ex Robin Wright at the same airport in late May.Sean’s a great writer.'Hopper appeared in Brad Pitt’s new movie War Machine which was released on Netflix in May.Many people were surprised to see pictures of Sean Penn kissing 24-year-old actress Leila George in Hawaii on Thursday — not least his girlfriend.The Angry Birds Movie actor fathered the Elvis & Nixon starlet and 23-year-old son Hopper - currently starring in Netflix's War Machine - with his ex-wife #2 Robin Wright. Armstrong chose to do the right thing and thereby made litigation unnecessary' (pictured May 20)'She's giving you notes? Armstrong chose to do the right thing and thereby made litigation unnecessary.'Sean's fifth directorial effort The Last Face - hitting US theaters/VOD on July 28 - has received dismal reviews despite starring Oscar winners Javier Bardem and (ex-fiancée) Charlize Theron.The El Chapo interviewer forced Curtis Armstrong to remove 'false' anecdotes about him in his 352-page tell-all tome Revenge of the Nerd, which hits shelves next Tuesday. Tell her to f*** off.'The Gunman star's attorney Mathew S. The white savior, African-set AIDS drama currently holds an 8 percent critic approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a 16 percent approval rating on Meta Critic, and a 4/10 on IMDb. William Chester Minor in the Oxford English Dictionary drama The Professor and the Madman.Following in her parent's footsteps, Dylan is now an actress and model.


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