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Brent Jay Spiner (born 2 February 1949; age 68) is an actor best known for playing the android Starfleet officer, Lieutenant Commander Data, on Star Trek: The Next Generation, in four Star Trek films, and off-screen in ".

He most recently appeared as Arik Soong in a three-episode arc on Enterprise.

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He began his acting career as a theater actor in the early 1970s.

He was also very active in his school’s Speech team and had won many national championship awards as well.

Upon graduation, he attended the University of Houston where he did his first acting, in a theater.

Needing a cup of water and a minute to regroup, I begin slowly backing away from the table, looking at the Like a nervous cat, I bolt for the door hissing, “Shit! I’ve only been at the convention for five minutes, and I’ve already blown it.

With shaking hands, I tell myself that actor John De Lancie did not actually have the power to turn me into a cardboard box and that I have to pull myself together and do my job, dammit.


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