White collar speed dating episode

The switchboard was subsequently turned on again, but the comment line remains unavailable.

The message doesn’t clarify whether callers should use the official White House Facebook page or President Trump’s Facebook page to do so — but then again, that distinction doesn’t really matter: Neither of the two pages currently offers any messaging capabilities.

Ryan Gosling, 36, is living with Eva Mendes with whom he has two children.

But the pretty brunette was nowhere to be seen when the acclaimed actor promoted his film Blade Runner 2049 during a photo call in Barcelona, Spain on Monday.

They use Sardex, a virtual currency that allows businesses to earn and spend without relying on the euro, or on banks that wouldn't lend.

Seth Doane reports on how the Mediterranean island is creating a new kind of wealth. COMMENTARY: Mellody Hobson on our ballooning debt | Watch Video According to the credit rating agency Equifax, credit card companies issued more than 10 million cards to subprime borrowers last year; that's up 25% from 2014. | Watch Video Jane Pauley visits Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park, in Oyster Bay, N.

Maria Hinojosa visits a few of the 10,000 family-run businesses that dot the city.

Ever the cool cat, Ryan had the color of the jacket popped and gazed demurely at the camera during the photo op.| Watch Video Some retailers and online shopping sites have very liberal return policies -- even taking back merchandise they can't sell again -- in order to satisfy their customers.Tracy Smith examines why companies' return policies count on psychology to make them pay off.It’s unclear when exactly the comment line was turned off; Twitter users first reported Monday that both the switchboard and the comment line had been disabled, but news reports suggest that at least the comment line may have been turned off earlier this month as the Obama administration wound down operations.Callers are instead asked to use a form on the White House website, or contact the administration via Facebook Messenger.He has four black vertical lines on his forearms and black, tattoo-like bands crossing over his chest, wrists, and ankles.


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