Video of black panthers intimidating voters

One had reportedly been “shoved out of the polling place.” “For this many inspectors to be ejected from polling places is rare, even for Philadelphia,” the official told Fox

The same report noted that a giant mural of President Obama adorned the wall inside a Philadelphia polling place.

And although a judge subsequently ordered the Obama mural be covered up “in its entirety,” poll workers instead “slapped up a few pieces of paper that only partially covered his image,” Fox reported, “while leaving the Obama campaign logo and a quote from the current president in full view for voters.” The judge’s order came in response to complaints from GOP officials that the mural – which featured the words “Hope” and “Change” – might influence voters at the polling site, a school in Ward 35.

“It is an absolute disgrace,” said Shannon Royer, deputy secretary for external affairs and elections in Pennsylvania, according to the Fox report.

Louis’ Gateway Arch and assassinate local law enforcement officials, but the Justice Department so far has limited its prosecution of the group to an indictment of two members on minor gun charges.

The soft treatment for activities that normally would have brought federal terrorism charges appears to be part of efforts by Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department to “go soft” on the racist group, according to former Justice official J.

In fact, there is nothing the New Black Panthers have ever said or done to suggest that they don’t believe what they did was intimidating to people they hate. These were the three men who had attempted to protect prospective voters in Philadelphia on Election Day.

But now law enforcement say the men’s plot went much deeper — and that the two were actually going to use the violence that was projected to erupt in the streets on the heels of the grand jury ruling as a cover to kill two key Ferguson officials: Mr. More from the Free Beacon: The communist and racist New Black Panther Party plotted to bomb St.“Election materials and electioneering inside the polling place are prohibited by state law.This can be interpreted as trying to influence voters inside the polling place.” According to Pennsylvania election law, “no person within a polling place may electioneer or solicit votes for any political party, political body, or candidate, nor may any unauthorized written or printed materials be posted within the polling place.” Likewise, a poster featuring President Obama – with the message “Change the Atmosphere” – was reported to be hanging on a wall inside a polling station at the Jack L.(3) Whether we should call DOJ’s subsequent actions a “cover-up” as Jonathan says or not, DOJ certainly did a very poor job explaining its actions.And it is only from the OPR report that one can get a clear sense as to the bona fide dispute among those at DOJ over how to handle the case.Cases like NBPP and the case in Mississippi (as well as NVRA cases requiring cleaning up of voter rolls) were of greater priority to the Bush Administration than to the Obama administration. in Political Science from Rutgers University and J. Follow Doug on Twitter | Facebook Was I wrong before, or does Pennsylvania election law allow electioneering within 10 feet of the door?


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