Validating form data using javascript my single friend dating app

It sets the focus to the input field until the user supplies a valid value.When the user does so, they may proceed and can supply value to the next available field.The tutorial explores Java Script validation on submit with detail explanation.Following pictorial shows in which field, what validation we want to impose.In order to achieve this, we would need to write a Java Script function that would clear each individual field’s value.Let us look at an example of a simple form As you can see, the first button simply resets all the fields using reset() as described earlier.

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However, You should always customize the validation error messages.If you skip the message for a validation, the default message is displayed.See a complete demo @Codepen The messages parameter is optional.o Form.elements is now a Javascript array that holds a reference to each of the form elements.Have a look at the demo to see how it works, and compare the result of clicking the reset button and the button with the custom on Click handler that we have just coded. As the above demo illustrates, the two buttons function similarly, for this particular form, because none of the values of the elements in this form are set on page load.So the difference between the functioning of the two buttons is not visible.


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