Updating westell 6100 Rolletechat

I never knew that Verizon was in the business of limiting what Operating System system I have on my computer! So we login to the Kubuntu Feisty 7.04 Linux machine, the network shows as connected but we can't surf the web. To complain to Verizon about how they try to bar Linux users from using their service go here: Us/Contact Us_Email_Here's what I submitted:--------------------------------------Dear Verizon, How come you say your DSL service doesn't support Linux?

Then we powered it on, DSL light shows steady, Ethernet light flickers, Internet light is blinking in a steady pattern.

I left Wireshark, on my computer, logging all the packets it could hear from its connection to the Netgear router. It was easy to scroll down the Source column and find where the IP address switched about 21632 seconds into the log.

It appears Verizon performed an ARP attack to steal my computer's IP, swapped addresses inside my LAN network, and executed a perfect Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack on my network.

I trust him enough to link to him, but if you're security paranoid it is best to do the DIY method instead of using his app.

Anyway, his website is Do not contact me about problems with his tool/method unless you think it's a virus or something like that (so I can unlink it). That really bummed me out, then AT&T published a new firmware update fixing all of my known exploits. If you end up finding another exploit or can help people here, please give me a link and I can point people to your website.

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The Westell modem took the network, and by taking this address, any gateway requests from my computers (intended for my Netgear to handle) were now routed through to the Westell modem.

The device can operate in several modes, which combined with a low list price of £47, makes it very attractive.

The supported modes of operation are basic NAT router, IP Pass Through, NON-NAT and even multi-NAT functionality.

So I figure, hey I can simply install Ubuntu (for free) on this new computer, save myself 0(or more) for Windows, and ship it to my friend in New York so she can access the Internet with it and everyone's happy - I mean Dell is selling computers with Ubuntu pre-installed and Linux is everywhere anyway right?

In the meantime, my friend in New York finds a deal whereby she purchases DSL Internet access from Verizon for .99 per month - seems like a pretty good deal to me anyway.


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