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Particularly if you have modified or customized your forum, you will not regret the few minutes it takes to make an offline copy of the forum files and the database.I used File Zilla to download a copy of the files over SFTP from my server and php My Admin to export a copy of the database.I have posted this probably in the wrong forum (Troubleshooting), so I'm posting it here (in 3rd Party) in the hope that some experts in this area (if not the staff) know. We know that Fantastico enables you to do a one-click update on your installed software. Just got this in my php BB: Your installation does not seem to be up to date. Please don't tell me that I need to DIM (do it myself).Updates are available for your version of php BB, please visit obtain the latest version. Follow-up: I just saw that Dream Host had updated their on-click installs of php BB to v2.0.14.

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Given that this upgrade significantly changes the underlying code of php BB, it makes for a lot of changes.We know it's something that is expected from us and we will get it working as soon as we can.Our installer is very flexible so any auto-upgrader has to be very smart and smart takes time to do well.Thanks to my last all-consuming project, three updates were released while I was busy.So my version was 3.0.1 while the latest version is 3.0.4.And if you check out phpbb.com’s download page, you’ll see my first problem: there is no automatic update that converts 3.0.1 into 3.0.4.


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