Updating database letter internet dating classifieds

For more information about any person/firm listed on this database, to insure accuracy, or to clarify concerns, please contact the Board office directly at 1-800-564-6111.For information on disciplinary action taken against an individual or firm, you may also view our Disciplinary Database.

ASF's National Karst Index Database is a searchable database of approximately 6,500 cave and karst features throughout Australia.

is one of the largest direct mail companies specializing in targeted lists in the country.

Don’t fall for gimmicks for free names or “do it yourself” list searches.

Cave researchers, cave managers and ASF members who have specific needs for further information can contact the Karst Index Database Access Group.

ASF members and other allowed organisations are currently updating cave, map and area information, and this will be an on-going project.


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