Updating a file in place

Many people find this approach much too time-consuming, since Debian evolves so quickly -- typically, a dozen or more new packages are uploaded every week.

This number is larger just before a new major release.

In case there's some important note to add to the upgrade process, the packages will alert the user, and often provide a solution to a possible problem.

You should also read the Release Notes document that describes the details of specific upgrades.

Your app will load and work correctly, even if the user presses the refresh button while they're offline.

The cache manifest file is a simple text file that lists the resources the browser should cache for offline access.

Always make sure you download the latest released version.

It's becoming increasingly important for web-based applications to be accessible offline.

Yes, all browsers can cache pages and resources for long periods if told to do so, but the browser can kick individual items out of the cache at any point to make room for other things.

Nevertheless it is possible to transpose the data source (see Transposing linked data).

In addition to the data, some cells to the left and on top are reserved for category and series labels.


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