Thailand dating culture

Make it clear that you like him, but don’t throw yourself at him. Though this is a common dating rule amongst most societies, it’s strongly recommended that if you want to keep a Thai guy, don’t sleep with him on the first date.

Western girls are sometimes viewed as more promiscuous than Thai girls, so make him know that that’s not what you’re in it for (unless, of course, you are).

As a part of the Lunch Actually Group, the matchmaking company has the largest database in Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia and Indonesia; and remains as the most trusted dating agency in Asia.

In the initial stage, it was difficult to break the misconception about matchmaking and dating agency.

Harmony in a relationship can be achieved only if you are open to new ideas.

Respect towards each other and a strong belief in the relationship can make the task easier. They imbibe the inherent properties of Thai culture which make them great life partners.

I remember the first time I had a date with a woman from Thailand (met through friends) nervous I was!

It’s not easy to get into an interracial relationship and make it work.

Differences in culture and lifestyle create a lot of obstacles.

The dating dance Pay half the bill on your first date – this will make clear to him that you want to be treated like an equal.

Many girls say that Thai men can be incredibly romantic and treat you like a queen at the start of the relationship.


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