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Geneva is well served by public transportation consisting of buses, trams and trains. I paid for a sandwich at subway and bottle of water. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Geneva Airport.Despite it being an airport hotel, it is only about 15 minutes by train to downtown. The locals were surprisingly more attractive, feminine and stylish than I anticipated.It is a singles party, but not one of those singles parties.No, this singles party is the work of two creative entrepreneurs with a love for music and a desire to compete with Cupid!

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Standard international game highlighted with style and sophistication for these Swiss girls. A healthy mix of class and showing off your bad boy side is the best way to go. During the summer, there are plenty of tourists and local girls waking around the streets and in cafes. Your best bet on a short trip is to go hard with the tourists and to blow out of town for better cities with more approachable local talent.reports that Swiss dating app Blinq launched the site last week, and it drew more than 2 million unique views in its first two days.Its allure is manifest: Why leave the critical question of sex appeal up to human error on Hot or Not when a purely objective, infallible computer algorithm can offer a definitive answer? It is an unusually mild January evening as I rode my bike from the after work Inspire 925 event in Zurich's Prime Tower over Hardbrücke towards the newly gentrified and up-and-coming trend quarter Kreis 3.Despite it being a Thursday and work the next day, I am going to a singles party.For now, it just spits out whether a computer wants to do you. My pride in tatters, I turned to Blinq’s disclaimer for comfort.


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