Sonny with a chance of dating script

my friend couldnt read the copy on youtube so i typed it up for her as a favor and figured some people on fanfic might want to read it, so i thought i'd post it.

(there are small changes though, like shorter descriptions of scenes, and light cues and stuff cut out, but all lines r exactly the same)Disclaimer: I don't own SWAC or anything written in this story."Falling for the Falls"Sonny comes home caring a heavy backpack, guitar, and box filled with supplies for a solar system project.

By Maane Khatchatourian Chris Carney, a former MTV reality star, the husband of Disney actress Tiffany Thornton and the son of the mayor of Hot Springs, died in a car crash on Friday morning in Arkansas. As Variety reported earlier this week, Netflix on Wednesday launched its Internet streaming service in the Netherlands, priced at €7.99 per month (about .59…

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Chad was a little shocked by the news and Tawni called him out for caring about Sonny, but he denied it unconvincingly.

The background suddenly changes from Sonny's bedroom to an airplane headed to California (though this portion contradicts a statement in the pilot episode by Sonny's mother Connie that they drove from Wisconsin to California). A., then showing shots of the other characters (Tawni, who does a quick shine of a star with her picture on it; Chad looking out the window in the back of a limousine; Grady and Nico messing around; and Zora, atop of a mechanical monster machine she is controlling).

A/N: *SPOILER ALERT* this is the actual 1st episode of season 2.

Tawni and Chad then crashed James and Sonny's date.

At the beginning, Sonny, Tawni and Zora are standing around a laptop booking a movie, Hex and the City 2. While Dakota's father gives her a new bike, which has a loser alarm because when it goes by the Randoms it beeps.


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