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Jose Mourinho could be forgiven for wondering already whether United will be able to cope without their star striker… For all the noise that surrounds one of the game's most charismatic characters, Ibrahimovic has quietly gone about accumulating goals at a remarkable rate.The first was a deflected free-kick that trickled into the net, the second was a tap in and the goal that earned him the match-ball was a penalty. In fact, he has scored more of them than any other top-flight footballer in England in all competitions this season.

Please note that I am able to monitor any image-copying and if published on other websites.Since I set up my original website, which is mainly centred on my professional comedy career, I have enjoyed writing up a few other pages which give an insight into a different era that was so exciting as music, fashion and lifestyle brought the UK out of the austere post war Fifties.The Sixties really did swing and those of us lucky enough to have made music enjoyed it even more as we learnt our craft, made a few quid, enjoyed the ladies' attention (!After so many years, it is great for me to have set up these pages and made contact with several old pals from that time as the internet provides a great chance to check out the most obscure people and places.Residents of a Southampton road are calling for action after it started being used as a “rat-run” by rush-hour commuters.I would appreciate any contact to report broken/outdated links and any corrections to the text that accompanies any images herein. Welcome to my ongoing memories of the great pop group boom of the early Sixties in my home town of Southampton England.


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