Sex slaves chat 15 year old dating 12 year old legal

Her rapists themselves did not want her to become pregnant, because although ISIS allows the rape of child sex-slaves…even monsters have to draw a line somewhere, it would seem. The reason for this meticulous attention to pregnancy-prevention stems from ISIS’s “laws,” which dictate that a fighter can only rape slaves who are not pregnant.ISIS claims that the law comes from the time of the Prophet Muhammad, where sex slavery was (according to them) practiced.An escaped 16-year-old child, raped numerous times by ISIS fighters, gave an account of life as a sex slave to jihadist extremists. When I was sold from one man to another, the box of pills came with me,” she said to the NY Times.Throughout her ordeal, she was fearful of becoming pregnant with the child of her abusers – a fear that her abductors shared ironically. She would later realize that she was being force-fed birth control pills.I grew up in Indonesia, and by the time I was 20, I had a good job as a financial analyst, a loving husband, and a young daughter, Tania. My husband and I separated, and when I was 23, he died of lung cancer. She was only 3 years old, but I feared I wouldn't be able to send her to college when the time came. A woman answered the door and pulled me inside to where a group of men sat on dirty couches.In 1998, the Indonesian economy collapsed and I lost my job. My savings were worthless, and the job market was dismal—I knew I'd have to leave the country to find work. With money like that, Tania's education would be more than covered, so I paid a ,000 recruitment fee up front, and in June 2001, a week before my 25th birthday, I boarded a plane for America. As if to punish me for questioning him, the man led me at gunpoint to the garage and pushed me into a car. In that moment it clicked—I'd been sold into a sex trafficking ring. I realized that if I ever wanted to see her again, I had to do what I was told. When I objected to his advances, he pushed and hit me. In the morning a man took me back to the townhouse where the two other girls were staying.

A far cry from what I experienced when I first moved to the United States 15 years ago.The magazine piece identified the specific area of the world, but Boyer asked Brewers beat reporters not to repeat it because he fears reprisals from the criminal element running those operations."We're all over — literally all over the world," said Boyer, who has a wife and two sons.Caddo Parish had 22 confirmed cases of human trafficking in 2015, according to Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services data.Only East Baton Rouge parish with 62 human trafficking victims and Orleans parish with 47 had more, according to DCFS figures.Therefore in order to perpetuate her rape, the slave must not ever be allowed to become pregnant. Three dozen escaped Yazidi sex slaves explained how the jihadists injected them with, and forced them to consume contraceptives.


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