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The Department justified its proposed increase in bear harvest with two new studies.

For cougar, however, no legitimate scientific justification was given for why the Department wanted to allow more cougar trapping under the guise of “sport hunting.”In response to a long list of questions from NMWF about bear and cougar management, Game and Fish Wildlife Management Division Chief Stewart Liley explained some of the science that drives the management of two of New Mexico’s most controversial predators.

This is partially to do with the nature of the material itself (Lannister guards sweeping the Red Keep and purging it of all Stark retainers is a development that tends to be told with a lot more action and a lot less dialogue), and partially with scenes written and shot for previous chapters being pushed back due to time constraints (such as Tyrion Lannister and Bronn making their way through the Valley of Arryn), but it just may also have to do with a veteran television scribe reengaging his visual storytelling instincts.

Dale will be greatly missed by all his family and friends. The Celebration of Mass followed with Father Bob Peccatiello officiating. Eleanor was a longtime resident of Estancia and a member of the Mountain Springs Baptist Church in Albuquerque.New Mexico Wildlife Federation supported the bear proposal when it was unveiled in June, but opposed the cougar rule changes.Both stances revolved around upholding the highest standard of thorough, science-based wildlife management. Satellite offices: East Mountains, 150 State Road 344, Edgewood, 281-5408; Rio Rancho, 1520 Deborah, Suite 1, 880-2305; South Valley, 1414 Vito Romero SW, 873-0108; Valencia County, 601 Main St. For those who care for a loved one who is terminally ill, has dementia or suffers from a debilitating chronic illness. Wednesdays, First United Methodist Church, 314 Lead SW. A 12-step study group concentrating on finding a solution using the “Big Book” of AA. For people with serious mental illness to gather for support and assistance in working toward realistic recovery.


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