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It has been incredibly fun to brainstorm ways technology can power a great video experience globally, to dream up ways to improve video advertising and to make those ambitions a reality.

At the same time, Verizon, the largest wireless service provider in the US, has made clear their convictions about the future of online video.

They share our belief that internet protocol will inevitably become the dominant way consumers access great video experiences.

The Verizon team has backed this conviction with material investments and a focus on what makes them unique in a competitive marketplace.

From Siri’s skewed sense of humor to the smart multitasking of the most recent models, every i Pad has something to excite and delight its users.

In fact, there’s so much good stuff in i OS that many of us don’t know about some of the most useful, clever or entertaining things our devices can do. You can create a new folder by clicking on an app, holding your finger down and then dragging it over another app.

At 10.5 light years from the Sol system, it is located at Earth's metaphorical doorstep.

Reach is the fourth largest planet in the Epsilon Eridani system, and second closest to the star Epsilon Eridani.

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