Planet rock dating uk

The planet hasn’t even been confirmed as real, yet, let alone suggestions that it could cause doomsday.

They estimated that the new planet is 5,000 times the mass of Pluto, which orbits in a ring of rocky objects beyond Neptune known as the Kuiper Belt.

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a bit hard going at times) 1) Sweet – 'Are You Ready? ) 10) Stackridge – 'The Final Bow, Bristol 2015' (Angel Air – Last ever gig from a band that should've been much, much better known) 11) The Allman Brothers Band – 'Hell & High Water: The Best Of The Arista Years' (Floating World – Re-issue of compilation from 1994) 12) Dickie Betts & Great Southern – 'Southern Rock Jam' (Floating world – re-issue of compilation from 2002) 13) Marcus Malone – 'A Better Man' (Redline Music – Hard hitting, heartfelt blues-rock) 14) Blackwater Conspiracy – 'Shootin' The Breeze' (Bulletproof 20/20 – Blue collar rock with a tuneful Southern edge) 15) Violet Janine – 'Between Red & Blue' (Lions Pride Music – Superb female-fronted hard rock from Sweden) 16) Nad Sylvan – 'The Bride Said No' (Inside Out – More enjoyable prog from Mr Hackett's lead singer) 17) Galahad – 'Quiet Storms' (Avalon – A collection of their quieter, more pastoral moments… ) 18) Black Paisley – 'Late Bloomer' (– A cunningly effective hybrid of AOR and Southern rock…

It is thought to be 10 times the size of Earth and sits 600 times as far away from the sun — but has as yet only been hypothesised based on the unusual motion of other objects at the far end of our solar system.

But that has not kept some people from proclaiming that it is real and is about to destroy all life on Earth.


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