Pivot table not updating data updated

The Pivot Table has built in filtering tools that can be used to fine tune the results shown by the Pivot Table.

Filtering data involves using specific criteria to limit what data is displayed by the Pivot Table.

Or, select the fourth option, for pivot tables that share the same pivot cache.

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However, you might want different grouping in the two pivot tables.You don’t have an option to create an independent pivot table.Because the pivot tables share the same cache, this can cause problems if you group the data in the pivot fields. Pivot Play Plus01It shows the connection string, and allows it to be changed.Don't forget to change the Query SQL as well, if needed (with the same tool). Source Name) Then ' a broken field may have no Source Name mismatches = 0 For Each pvi In pvf. I am using the 2007 version and it offers no wizard option when you right click on the table.


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