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This master’s thesis is aimed at improving this platform with the goal of increasing its capabilities and hence its popularity.

Furthermore, a business plan for a new geographical user interface has been developed over the course of this Master’s thesis.

Online shopping and E-commerce have changed the pattern of many businesses as well as their actors and target customers.

ABSTRACT: E-auctions have the potential to gain a larger market share of the C2C sector by increasing participation of current users.

This paper provides emic and etic interpretations of engagement with a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) online auction site, based on in-depth interviews with buyers.

The study exposes three misconceptions about online C2C auctions; that the interaction between parties occurs exclusively online, that the relation between buyers and sellers is purely transactional in nature, and that the interaction between buyers and sellers does not lead to ongoing business relationships.

In general, the reliability of an online shopping platform, affected by a number of factors, plays a pivotal role toward customer trust and satisfaction.

Trust building factors have been improved during the recent years and are still progressing towards becoming more robust.


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