Next generation in online dating

“These big sites are necessary and they’re still great,” Davis told Fox

“But the niche sites that are popping up now are much more exciting because they’re giving you access to a much more select group of people.” Some, like JDate and Black Singles, have been around for years.

The data reveals that amongst the victims, 85% are females and 15% males.

BBC has also reported a seven fold rise in dating crimes in the last two years.

You might find the person on the other end compatible with you on the basis of his or her profile but the real person can be different if you are not alert.

We have advanced from a voice-enabled strategy into a company that is aggressively pushing the boundaries of multi-platform, multi-functional communications.

We build social networking technologies, using all modes of communications (text, pictures, voice, and video) in 15 languages, to bring people together regardless of their interests, geography, or time-zone. We love the experience of collaborating with people who have a vision and we take satisfaction in helping them bring their ideas from concept to production.

Most of the next generation relationships are build online and this is trending day by day.

There is an overwhelming number of dating apps for both genders that have been developed by experienced developers.


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