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— whether that is when I travel, write, or fall in love— colors what I do with intense vibrancy, enthusiasm, and excitement. If I want to date better, I have to determine to play better.I’ve discovered that living like this is as natural as breathing to me. The men I meet deserve just as much respect, time, and intention as I expect them to give to me.When the Universe (or whatever higher power you believe in) sends this person your way, it’s ultimately up to you to recognize when he or she has arrived. When people actively seek their soul mate they may date around like crazy, sign up for multiple online dating sites and otherwise play the field.

They’re the ultimate cheerleaders during challenges, taste testers for new Tone It Up Nutrition Plan recipes, and sometimes we even recruit them for HIIT workouts (thanks Bobby!! And they’re the luckiest guys ever…because they have a #TIUgirl by their side ;) We’re so grateful for Bobby and Brian and their constant love and support, especially everything they do to support this community.I only download dating apps when I fail to keep my overzealous expectations of love at least mildly in-check. Sadly, I don’t know the solution to the dicey and dangerous digital way that we date.Or, the occurrence of the added i Phone installation happens closely after the latest disappearance, disappointment, or disaster in my dating world. At the moment, the dating app still exists on my phone. I realize that I was a major contributing factor to the way my last date went decidedly distant. In an attempt to make some sense of it all, this organized chaos that makes up life and relationships, I found my way back to the piano after having not played it with any regularity for 18 years. Sometimes the playing is smooth, but messy – and damnit if you didn’t miss some of those fucking sharps (always the sharps!! I don’t know if I subscribe to the idea, but God knows there’s some kind of hamster-wheel situation going on in my dating world. And the journey is kind of the same with all these would-be relationships. Sometimes you sit down to play but get up and eat cereal and look unrecognizable lying upside-down on the couch watching any number of shows that make you feel like a little less of a human being.Watch the video below to see more from Brian and Bobby!


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