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Related: Leah Remini Wants Scientology Investigated By The Feds The feud between Mueller and Swift intensified when the disgraced DJ sued Swift for slander and the singer responded with a sexual assault and battery countersuit.

When your marriage has ended and you find yourself single for the first time in years, you may suddenly realize that you miss the companionship of having someone else in your life.

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where Kourtney Kardashian's ex would remodel houses. Photo: Guess The Celeb With This Massive Religious Back Tat!

To us this is starting to sound like a A Would You Rather Of Ice And Fire. As you surely know, Taylor Swift has been going head to head against a Denver based DJ, named David Mueller, in court.

In case you forgot, the A-lister has accused Mueller of sexually assaulting her as he allegedly "grabbed her ass" during a meet and greet back in 2013.

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He won't be able to do his fans are some of the smartest TV watchers on the wall. Shippers have always been looking out for a new lady love for sexy Jon Snow (R. But since Jon is secretly the son of her late brother Rhaegar, he's technically her nephew! Meanwhile others think he'll find out he's not really the son of Ned Stark — nor half-brother to Sansa — and propose marriage to her to keep the North strong.Customized programs take you away from distractions and routines and allow the two of you to escape to the tranquility of the Branson Retreat Center in Branson, Missouri or Win Shape Marriage Retreat Center in Rome, Georgia.The focused environment makes your complex situation feel simpler; enabling you to experience the serenity and space you need to focus on yourself … Shattered marriages really can come together in new ways.Bill O'Reilly's ex-wife is gearing up to fight his million infidelity lawsuit after telling friends the alleged cuckold's claims are just a 'bitter attempt to wreck her happiness', Daily Mail Online can reveal. In documents filed by O'Reilly's lawyers, he claims she 'made false representations and material omissions of existing fact ...Bitter split: Fox News host Bill O'Reilly has accused his 50-year-old ex-wife Maureen Mc Philmy of cheating on him while they were still married and making 'false representations' in their divorce settlement Bill and his ex wife Maureen in happier days in 2008. for the sole purpose of inducing Plaintiff to agree to a consensual divorce and to obtain money and real property to finance an existing extra-marital relationship.' Gross' Facebook page features a tribute to Mc Bride, an actress and model who had a small part in the 1988 Tom Cruise movie Cocktail, as well as playful photos of their two children, a son and a daughter.LD was given ,000 "to shoot a taster of what the show would be," and it was reportedly so bad, TV executives canceled the entire thing! We've never seen Jimmy Carter with his shirt off, but we're pretty sure this new addition would make him the most tattooed POTUS in history… Ygritte), but the two prevailing theories at the moment are both pretty darn weird. Some believe he's gearing up to make a marriage alliance with Daenerys Targaryen.


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