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In terms of great books, The Art of Exceptional Living and Presenting to Win come highly recommended around the office as some more great picks for entrepreneurs. A Kindle With so many great books on entrepreneurship, a Kindle or other e-reader might be the perfect gift for an entrepreneur.

With a seemingly endless amount of ebooks, they’ll be able to enjoy your gift over and over again.

Get the same camera brand they have and mooch as much as you can to learn how to use new gear. You’re reading this because you want to start a business and part of that means being an adult (not that you aren’t, but you’ll get what I mean in a second).

Mandy Antoniacci is a sports business analyst, entrepreneur, and columnist.

The sports industry is now estimated to be worth somewhere in the region of 0-600 billion worldwide-with impressive growth projected for the foreseeable future.

The commercialization of what were once cherished pastimes has become a big business, and an indelible cultural force with the strength to unify continents.

Looking globally at this industry and its progression into the future, several game-changing trends emerge.

If you're in this business, thinking of entering or investing, these can't be ignored.1. In a stereotypically male-dominated industry, the world of sports business is in for disruption.

C., believes that the odds of failure for a franchise are low.

I’ll admit, I only just finished ordering presents for everyone on my list (and I’m crossing my fingers that they all get here on time! But maybe you’re still feeling at a loss for what to get the entrepreneur on your list.

After all, they’re starting a business (or maybe running one); they need something that will make their life easier. Some Moleskine notebooks A classic, and a favorite around our office, these sleek, handy little notepads were suggested multiple times!

History was rewritten, odds were defied, ground was broken, and even the surreal ensued-as we will never forget the summer the nation spent debating the ideal gas law with cosmic significance, (thank you New England Patriots).

But if we let the air out of our own emotions and fanhood, and look objectively at the world of sports as a business, the numbers are startling.


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