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Solas, known as Fen'Harel, knew love before he knew war.

In the arms of two women, Thema mistaken for Andruil, Lyna mistaken for Ghilan'nain, he knew peace and contentment. A series of short stories about the elves of the Greenwood, set in the DH AU.

There are many reasons: A) I love the idea of spanking, B) I love seeing dominant women C) I love women's bottoms, so seeing them reddened is excellent D) there are so many different poses that can show the two women making new photos fascinating E) Lastly, there is an unending variety of new pictures constantly being produced, so many blog or tumblr posts show new scenarios, or at least new participants.

Thus, why have I shied away from M/M consensual spanking.

Here, you'll find many kinds of spanking stories: F/m, M/m, M/f, F/M, F/f, etc....

Each time I update, I'll publish a new issue with several stories." Includes stories by many different authors, in irregular "issues" from May 1998, to March 2005.

The site also has art by Franco, and I found it by clicking on a picture in a tumblr archive that linked immediately to this site.

However, to be more liberal in thinking, here is a link to a site that states it's purpose: "Celebrating the erotic delights of a well-punished, glowing red and sizzling hot spanked male ass." The site has a blog roll that can keep anyone interested in males being spanked by males intrigued forever.

The site gives an "alternate address" in case the main address changes.

This site exists to republish Victorian spanking erotica.

Spanking personals sites are personals sites or other Internet/online services (such as newsgroups) for making contacts and finding partners among spankophiles, or people with an interest in spanking in general.

Spanking personals are also a common service of spanking magazines.


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