Jonas dating selna gomez

It was earlier this month that some hints of a relationship were dropped, when Selena Gomez posted a photograph of herself smearing some eyeliner.Nick Jonas wrote a comment on the photograph, which was shared by songwriter Justin Tranter. During the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, they had met briefly, which made Selena Gomez recall their teenage relationship She said it was "really fun" to catch up with him.She called their link "very sweet." However, there is no word about getting back at present.Some sources say that The singer, Selena, is not interested in making up or dating for a while.And no that time is not now even though headlines say he's dating a different girl everyday!We're throwing it back to when the "Levels" singer was still singing with The Jonas Brothers.Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus, ALL currently have hit songs out right now — "Fetish" and "Bad Liar," "Sorry Not Sorry," and "Malibu," respectively — that are continuing to climb the i Tunes charts.Kevin, the oldest of the three Jonas Brothers, has apparently been paying attention, too.

Of course, the stars were super young and it was never anything serious.

One tweet began, “When u hang out with Selena Gomez,’ while the other one commented, “Oh my gosh.

If you (somehow) hadn't noticed, Disney Channel stars are dominating the world right now — and Kevin Jonas is here to appreciate.

Another new Nick Jonas song is reason enough for fans to be excited, but many started freaking out even more when they heard him sing the lyric “You say I never been good for you / You can’t deny I gave it good to you” at around the mark -- since the “good for you” line sounds like it could be referencing the Selena Gomez single “Good for You.” Jonas and Gomez reportedly dated in the past.

Jonas added fire to the speculation when he favorited two fan tweets that linked to “Area Code” and mentioned Gomez.


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