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Fortunately, others stepped up to progressively fill this void, and we are now in good shape when it comes to ISO builders and the release team; they were responsible for Mageia 5.1, more on that later.Independently of that, the number of release-blocker bugs had grown.Here is the official description for DBSync for Oracle & MS Access: BSEditor: DBSync for Oracle and Access is a database synchronization toolwhich performs two-way conversion and synchronization from Oracledatabases to Access and from Access to Oracle.The tool isalso applicable for Access database replication to another Accessdatabase and is quite adept at copying a Oracle database toanother Oracle database.There is no installer, it is copy and paste and use. Abel Cam 4.4.3 Tilt/Pan/Zoom for IP Cameras, Logitech Sphere, Creative Live!

The last preview we published for Mageia 6 was Stabilization Snapshot 1 in June 2016, and Stabilization Snapshot 2 still hasn’t been published, although we have been saying “soon” for weeks, or even months! For months we’ve been saying “the next ISO images will be published within a few weeks”… And actually lots of ISO images have been made, each one improving over the previous one, and Mageia 6 Stabilization Snapshot 2 will be very different from Stabilization Snapshot 1, because during all this time development has been going on, bugs have been fixed, packages have been updated, artwork has been integrated, etc.Eventually, someone will come along and turn Facebook inside-out, so that instead of custom applications running on a platform in a walled garden, applications run on the internet, out in the open, and people can tie their social network into it if they want, with privacy controls, access levels, and alter-egos galore.Jason Kottke's equating of Facebook to AOL is intended to provoke. But it's absolutely true, and a much-needed wakeup call. But it’s good that you worry about it because it shows you like your Linux distribution.The good news is: Mageia 6 is really going to be good. After we released stabilization snapshot 1, we naturally went for the next one, although we knew that summer is usually family time for many contributors so that was likely to slow the release down a bit.There is no installer, it is copy and paste and use. Blogspreading 1.0.11 Blogspreading is a free utility, which automatically appends a link to the latest post in your blog to your e-mail signature.


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