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He's the star of upcoming Hollywood blockbuster, King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword.But Charlie Hunnam, 37, has revealed that he would love to reprise the role that first made him a name - as cocky 15-year-old schoolboy Nathan Maloney in controversial gay drama Queer As Folk.At the time, 19-year-old Charlie was in awe of then 31-year-old Aidan, and Charlie cited that upon seeing his old co-star again on set of King Arthur, he had to thank him: 'I always felt like I owed him a grand debt of gratitude. He thought I was mad but I felt it deeply.''It was the beginning of my career, so I have very fond memories of it.' The show first aired on Channel 4 eighteen years ago, and followed the lives of a group of gay men in Manchester, Northern England.Charlie has stripped off once again for his role in King Arthur.derivative and not a particularly good one, so there's an element of irony in how lead actor Charlie Hunnam had to turn the HBO show down.“I would love to do a Game of Thrones cameo,” Hunnam told The Sun this week.- Jamie Graham - 2/5 This is a tonal misfire, its characters cut down by a blitzkrieg of whip pans, CGI and thunderous percussion.

'Talking about his propensity for ‘stealing’ props from productions, he says of the motorbike he has from Sons of Anarchy, 'I just drove off with it...On the Graham Norton show on Friday night, he joked that he was more than happy to strip down to the buff for director Guy Ritchie for the role.Charlie was asked if as a serious actor, he minded the times when he just needed to look buff and hold a sword, and quipped: 'It’s all about balance of spectacle and substance and if there is balance I am happy to get my kit off!'The wrap party came and went and no sword arrived.I was disappointed.'With great fanfare, and to Charlie’s surprise, Guy presented him with a real, custom-made sword.were slightly more optimistic, giving the film three stars, writing: “The film rattles along exhilaratingly, if sometimes intermittently, like a fairground rollercoaster that occasionally stops and makes you get out and walk for a few minutes before letting you back on.” - Jimi Famurewa - 2/5 Jude Law toils admirably as demonic proto-dictator Vortigern, but Hunnam’s decision to play Arthur as a smirking lunk makes him hard to root for.


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