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All four other Dragons’–Jim Treliving, Arlene Dickinson, Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary–made welcoming statements to Croxon in the release.

Only Treliving and Dickinson mentioned Wilson, with Treliving saying, “I’ve had a great time with Brett.”A bizzare Twitter post late last night from Wilson’s account might have led followers to believe the Calgary-based entreprenuer might want to contact Croxon with a personal proposal or three.

He said, “Look, if `mean' means being a prick, don't ask me back.”• He also insisted on equality among the Dragons in the show’s promotions.

"If you look at some of the advertising you'd think it was the Kevin O'Leary and friends show," says Wilson.

Here is an excerpt, What made Kevin O’Leary rich was the moment he calls the “massive liquidity event,” that is the sale of LCI to toymaker Mattel Inc. As part of the merger, O’Leary signed a three-year employment agreement that included a base salary of 0,000, 1.7 million stock options to be converted to Mattel shares and a reporting line to Jill Barad, the first woman to ascend to the CEO’s chair at Barbie Inc.O’Leary calls Barad “the best marketer I ever met.” O’Leary didn’t make the three years.In November, a month after the earnings release, he was fired."There was no dependency on alcohol whatsoever," Wilson maintains."What there was, was an inappropriate style of drinking."• Then there’s his experience with depression.There might not have been room for all those egos in the co-host Tara Slone if things were amicable over at the network, he cryptically cracked, “well, there’s one person at CBC who doesn’t like me but there’s probably 1500 that probably do. At exactly the same time Wilson was on camera in Calgary, CBC issued a release announcing Bruce Croxon as Wilson’s replacement on .


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