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Before that date, from 1845, while it was possible to have a marriage conducted in a Methodist chapel, it had to be in the presence of the District Registrar; it was he who retained the record of the event, not the local minister.So the earliest Methodist marriage register you will come across in your Irish ancestry search will date from 1863 and the information will be exactly the same information as appears in the civil marriage record ie full names, ages and addresses of both bride and groom, occupation of groom, and the names and occupations of the fathers of bride and groom.At the moment (Jan 2001) the most expensive coin (in terms of realised auction value) is the US 1804 Dollar which sold last year for just over ,000,000.00. Since I wrote this the only 1933 US double eagle has exceeded this price, but the comparison with the Irish coins is still valid.

:-) In terms of modern Irish coins the earlier coins are generally difficult to get in very high grade (i.e.Otherwise, we just have dozens of contradictory opinions.Click to Garlic with May butter Cureth all disease. This is an early Irish poem from A Taste Of Ireland: Irish Traditional Foods by Theodora Fitzgibbon, published by Houghton Mifflin 1969.The baby's name is given, plus the father's full name, the mother's first name, and the name of the minister.Sometimes an address is included, usually in the form of the townland or urban street name, and, from the 1820s, the father's occupation.The brief history in the right-hand column should make clear why, depending on when your ancestors lived, your time might be best spent looking for Methodist baptism, marriage and burial records in Church of Ireland registers.


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