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Both insist the loan was made by Christian Candy's property firm, CPC, and that he was entitled to demand the loan was repaid after Mr Holyoake allegedly defaulted on repayments.The long-running legal dispute has forced the brothers to reveal details about their businesses and lifestyle, and several former business associates are due to give evidence about their conduct in commercial deals.Mr Holyoake told the High Court he was coerced into signing a series of agreements which meant he was effectively charged interest of more than 74 per cent on a £12million loan from the Candys.The brothers deny his allegations and claim he has lied about the threats and menaces in a deliberate attempt to extract money from them.

Before the end of the first quarter, the image had become the talk of the Internet, as thousands of people posted clever memes—pictures with funny captions—of Oakman on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.Property tycoons Nick and Christian Candy were accused of an extraordinary campaign of bullying, blackmail and intimidation yesterday as a £132million court case was launched against them.The billionaires – dubbed the Bling Brothers for their lavish lifestyles – were alleged to have coerced a businessman into a disastrous series of deals which saw him repay more than £37million on a £12million loan.He doesn't need to ask if they can come inside."Look at him," Brown says. "The scenario is a perfect illustration of the narrative surrounding Oakman, a meme-come-to-life for the athlete who's become an Internet sensation partly for his play—but even more for his appearance.It all started on New Year's Day at the Cotton Bowl, when footage of Oakman towering over two Michigan State players during the pregame coin toss flashed on television sets across America.What a mediocrement." More » You know the (lame) old stereotype about how women can sometimes take things the wrong way?


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