Html table for updating database java dating without ip

However, I'm still unable to get it to store data because I don't know where I've goen wrong.Also, I wish to ask the purpose of You're using j Query selectors that target ID's (of #username, #password, etc) but you don't have any elements with those id's. Http Servlet Response; /** * Servlet implementation class Add Project Task DAO */ @Web Servlet("/Add Project Task DAO") public class Add Project Task DAO extends Http Servlet int i = st.execute Update("insert into projtaskallocate (pid,uname,ptdesc_emp,ptestd_time_alloc,ptask_emp_cmnt) values ('" Projid "','" Projuname "','" Projdesc_emp "','" Projestd_time_alloc "','" Projtask_emp_comment "')"); package servlet; import Please can help me out how to get textbox values from dynamically created textboxes.Should i use array here or something else PLease help. As I am trying to retrieving the data through Parameter() it is retrieving only one value and I want all the values package; import Maybe you did not want to retrieve the value from the session but from the request? Use prepared statements and parameter placeholders instead.

So can any one help me proceeding to edit the entered data ?? sepparate your code in several methods: 1 for UPDATE, 1 for DELETE, 1 fpr INSERT and 1 for SELECT.

Some ajax call if you don't want page to reload on Save.

If you want these updates to happen without a page refresh, then use AJAX and move your database update code out of the view layer.

This technique is from 1997, when Perl ruled CGI scripts.

Http Servlet Response; public class crea extends Http Servlet /** * @see Http Servlet#do Post(Http Servlet Request request, Http Servlet Response response) */ protected void do Post(Http Servlet Request request, Http Servlet Response response) throws Servlet Exception, IOException } Firstly, source code in comments is typically unpolite. Secondly, this style of java coding was abandoned with the advent of JSTL.


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