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HYDERABAD: A man was arrested by Cyber Crime sleuths of Cyberabad for allegedly video graphing his sex life without the knowledge of his wife and later sharing the videos to his online chatting friend.On few occasions, he also gave live streaming to his friend using Skype. In the split opinion issued Friday, the justices reversed an N. Court of Appeals ruling that found the 2008 law too broad and vague, and therefore unconstitutional.

Former president Bill Clinton (L) and Prince Andrew (R) have all been known to spend time with the billionaire.The Church in Andhra Pradesh runs thousands of educational institutions and hospitals contributing significantly to the development of the state.Telugu Christians are found in all walks of life and have contributed much to the development of the state.For that accused started capturing complainant photos, bathing, while sleeping, changing dress and having sex and sharing the same over Skype," Cyberabad police said in a press note.Four days ago, she forcibly snatched his mobile phone as she has been suspecting that Chaitanya is doing some mischief. During the investigation, it was found that on some occasions live streaming was made by the accused using Skype to share it with Sriman.Chaitanya started chatting with Sriman on his account.


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