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While many blogs, companies, and organizations still struggle to stand out from their competition online by resorting to . HOT domain is positioned to provide a short, unique, and memorable domain extension to help crank up your competitive advantage.

Your readers will find your blog by entering your domain name into their website browser. Owning your own domain can make the difference in your success.Cool website, a trendy product, valuable service or noteworthy blog – give them the latest with a . HOT domain name will turn up the heat on your current web presence.Pioneering new startups or brick and mortar businesses will also be able to inject some fiery-hot pizazz into their web address.The thing to keep in mind with these types of domain providers is that they will forever be a part of your URL (your address on the net). Although these blogging platforms (see above) offer free sub-domains they also put ads on your site that you don’t control.For example if you choose to go with a domain provided by Word Press and you want to name your blog "Tips By Mom" it will have the Word Press domain as well. They also start to charge monthly fees when your blog starts to get popular. Another disadvantage is that many free blogging platforms don't allow you to have a website for commercially purposes, so if your intent is to make money with your blog, then you'll want to avoid them. HOTEL will be a hot destination for tourists and other travelers!


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