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If, after reading Lather, the Twinkle Jackson Story, you experience any of the following: total brain crash, loss of saliva or Restless Toe Syndrome (RTS), please contact Laird Sapir – the creator of this maniacal activity. ” Jupernia shouted as she half slid, half flew down the curve of the spaceship pulling Twinkle with her. The circle at the end hooked the tip of an oxygen tube on the spaceship. ” she said, immediately closing her eyes and humming .She also designed the beautiful Sparkle Sudz Soap graphic. She had been shocked, pleasantly so, that they were still planted in Geraldo’s vegetable garden and not soaring through the galaxies. Twinkle felt, more than heard her speak, as they swooshed toward the ground. And what in the name of all that’s chiseled from wood is going on? The Crustaship, including the Shrimperators swarming the craft’s ramp like disturbed fire ants, disappeared in a poof of sappy mist. He’d chewed enough tree sap in his young life to be a sap expert.excited to take on another Round Robin tale of extreme proportions.It’s rollicking fun to blend our various writing styles *think fingernails on a chalk board! Our first experiment, , was a grand adventure, definitely worth reading, and I think a lesson in group therapy!

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Note: If this yarn messes with your IQ, please don’t contact us. Twinkle fell backward on his dad’s squashed squash plants. You probably wondered why I became a professional tree climber. “Why did you come to Earth in the first place, Mom? I met your father while attending a wood class at Maple University, and oh, the things he could carve out of wood. We Juniparians are allowed to visit other planets, of course, but certainly not to stay, or marry the inhabitants. Mostly, he was angry at the torment he’d suffered at the claws of Lord Lobstar.

I stayed, married, and my little sister followed me here. “I never thought my own mother would throw in with a Lobster Mobster,” he sulked.

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