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The Sheraton Princess Kaiulani web-cam overlooks Waikiki and is available 24 hours a day!This web-cam pans from atop Sheraton Princess Kaiulani's Ainahau Tower and provides magnificent views of lush green mountains to the blue Pacific.Click the Facebook icon at the bottom of your browser window to get there. Also, time lapse videos have been posted to our new You Tube channel.Marine VHF frequencies: VHF-12: Port operations VHF-13: Bridge to Bridge VHF-16: International Distress, Safety and Calling - good to hear alerts about ships about to come or go, listen for "SECURITAY SECURITAY SECURITAY" (the French pronunciation of "Security"). I've yet to catch a ghost type Got the highest speed stat, drop rhymes lightning fast Open my pockets and go (Charizard) on your ass Cause I'm Ash! I don't care how many beetles and butterflies you squooshed Your earthworms can’t beat these magical beasties Your shit-talking mouth is the Origin of Feces You've got candy raps, Reese’s Pieces In this ecosystem, I’m the dominant species When it’s time to train, I turn to Pikachu. ) But when I need a weak verse, I choose you [Verse 2: Charles Darwin] Hello there, welcome to a world called Earth Where actual minds do groundbreaking work If you’re looking for the fittest, I’m the natural selection You’re so ineffective, you couldn’t even turn eleven What you spit’s just not hard-hitting enough It’s kid stuff, you’re soft like a Jigglypuff You got no Game Boy. Whose rapping skills will evolve to new levels, and whose chances of victory will go extinct?The process began with the removal of 25 machines from this area, which had not been used in the past 10 plus years.We then restructured the floor plan to group like machines together to allow operators to use more than one machine at a time without having to move from aisle to aisle.

This famous geyser has never erupted at exact hourly intervals, nor is it the largest or most regular geyser in the park.

As someone pointed it out, it was never scheduled to turn our water off. Now, a couple of days ago, they announced massive cuts to water supplies for Rome because the lake that mostly feeds the city has reached its limit and the governor has forbidden to take more water out.

Hence, sometime this week, if no miracle happens, massive water cuts will be put in place.

You are watching a live picture of downtown San Diego & the bay through six webcams located at Tom Ham's Lighthouse on Harbor Island, the Bali Hai on Shelter Island and Cabrillo National Monument on the tip of Point Loma. You may remember we filed the nations first Net Neutrality complaint from a network operator becuase Time Warner Cable refused to peer without a ransom being paid.

The call letters below the harbor view are of local San Diego radio stations - click to listen live. We lost because Net Neutrality does not cover interconnection as it currently stands.


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