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Hollywood would be a different place if there were more actresses like Elizabeth Banks. This film is the California version of what my life was like. It's not a funny role but rather an informed one, in which Banks's Frankie does what she has to in order to provide for her 11-year-old son. "They're great together," Banks admits of the burgeoning relationship's semi-incestuous nuances.

Ivy League-educated, bombshell sexy, and a complete chameleon, the 38-year-old has appeared in everything from big-budget flicks (, Banks has changed into jeans, a graphic-print top, and a military jacket, which she drapes casually over her shoulders.

And I feel bad because Paul Rudd was also in the car with us that night but no one mentioned that.

Now that would have been news.” Elizabeth, who has recently been playing CNBC host Avery Jessup on NBC's , also told Crushable that she only likes to date people her own age, but she would never call her love interest on the show, Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), “too old for anyone.” “He’s just so charming,” she told us.

Willis then bowed out of Oliver Stone’s Vietnam project “Pinkville” to “make our movie,” says Banks.

“And Oliver subsequently had to make ‘W.’ in which I played Laura Bush, so I inadvertently created one of my favorite roles for myself.” Since launching their Brownstone Prods.

(Yes, his box-office appeal isn't quite commensurate with how much we all adore him, but that's another thing he has in common with the indifferently rated Thursday night shows that NBC now programs.) It also helps that he's a Thursday night veteran himself: In addition to his Parks and Rec arc, he finished out the last two seasons of Friends as Mike, the eventual husband to Lisa Kudrow's Phoebe. Then they pitched it to Mandeville’s Todd Lieberman, an old college friend from their days at the U.of Pennsylvania 17 years earlier (“Max started dating Elizabeth orientation week of our sophomore year,” Lieberman recalls).Take this stroll through Rudd's long list of Must-See TV love interests for further proof.(Jenna Fischer, he's bound to get around to you eventually.) Lisa Kudrow Why is Paul Rudd so well matched with NBC's Must-See TV funnywomen?With a population of 124,969, the City of Elizabeth is New Jersey’s fourth largest City.


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