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Pygmalion’s dates are derived from Josephus’s Against Apion i.18, where Josephus quotes the Phoenician historian Menander as follows: Pygmalion’s dates, if this citation is to be trusted, are thus dependent on the date of the founding of Carthage.

The first Balazeros was a son of Hiram I, contemporary of David and Solomon, so this was too early, but the second name referred to the grandfather of Pygmalion and was therefore in the right date range.

[5] The storyline of Purcell’s opera is roughly taken from Virgil’s , Book 4, as briefly discussed below.

Notable too is the libretto by Nahum Tate (1652-1715), himself a Poet Laureate of England from 1692-1712, [6] and famous hymnist-poet, for example, of the circa 1703 carol “While Shepherds Watched Their Flockes.” Tate’s libretto for , and while attacked by Richard Addison and Alexander Pope for his textual liberties with Shakespeare – already holy ground – no less than Samuel Johnson came to Tate’s defense on occasion, perhaps to be contrarian but just as likely because Tate’s tragic adaptations also had some merit of their own, like the later Charles Lamb’s 4 translation that best informs Tate’s libretto.

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Admitting defeat, he handed over his companies to younger brother James. Her younger sister Clio excelled at the highly academic Francis Holland School while Dido, cottoning on to Teddy’s disdain for traditional education, fell in with the class rebel. ‘I was younger, although she probably wouldn’t have admitted that, and in awe.’ It helped that Dido was accustomed to the flourish and swagger of big egos. My uncle [Jimmy] was another larger-than-life figure who was very intimidating to me.’ I remember having dinner with him, my father and John Aspinall [the casino- and zoo-owner, a close friend of Teddy’s]. John Aspinall came out of that dinner saying, “Well, he’s no shrinking violet,” and that, for me, meant Peter was approved.’‘I walked in and thought, “I’ve arrived! My mother always picked up objects salvaged from weird places. Suddenly, I felt whole.’While her parents divorced and remarried other partners (her mother becoming sister-in-law to the Queen of Denmark), Dido and Peter spent the 1980s living on top of the highest mountain in Saudi Arabia.from 831 to 785 BC and a son of King Mattan I (840-832 BC). Here ancient classical sources given two possibilities: 825 BC or 814 BC.During Pygmalion's reign, Tyre seems to have shifted the heart of its trading empire from the Middle East to the Mediterranean, as can be judged from the building of new colonies including Kition on Cyprus, Sardinia (see Nora Stone discussion below), and, according to tradition, Carthage. The 814 date is derived from the Greek historian Timaeus (c.In Dante's The Divine Comedy, Purgatorio, Canto XX, verses 103-105, Dante uses Virgil's version of Pygmalion to represent greed. Liver advanced a second reason to favor the 825 date, related to the inscription of Shalmaneser III, king of Assyria, mentioned above, where it was mentioned that philological studies have equated this Ba’li-manzer with Balazeros (Baal-Eser II), grandfather of Pygmalion.A possible reference to Pygmalion is an interpretation of the Nora Stone, found on Sardinia in 1773 and, though its precise finding place has been forgotten, dated by paleographic methods to the 9th century BC. The best texts of Menander/Josephus give six years for Balazeros, followed by nine years for his son and successor Mattenos (Mattan I), making 22 years between the start of Balazeros’s reign and the seventh year of Pygmalion.‘I will never forget: they said, “Why on earth are you writing about mice? She did a bit of modelling [for Christian Dior], posed for artists and then went to work for a really wicked lady – who’d had hundreds of lovers and been tarred and feathered for it – but who also had great charm and taste.’ Under her tutelage, Gillian developed a sophisticated eye ‘for witchy objects with magic to them, such as stuffed animals’, which she passed to her daughter.


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