Decorating hotel info room updating

I didn’t do much “styling” so you get to experience it as it really is–a work in progress!I’ll also try to share some behind the scenes videos and photos on my Instagram stories over the next couple days so you can get a better feel of the layout and things I didn’t show on this post! We have such a mix of things that have been handed down to us, along with a few things we have purchased on our own over time.

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Design by Brian Patrick Flynn Sue Adams, Sue Adams Interiors: Sometimes the greatest change can be made by simply updating your bed with a refreshing set of brand-new sheets.

So, buy white sheets of the highest thread count (while staying within the budget), then add a new throw at the end of the bed and some colorful and/or luxe throw pillows.

Let the bed be the restful haven it was meant to be.

If you’re stuck with a late return flight and could do with some extra time in your room, then asking for a late check out right when you first check in is one of the most important things to do upon arrival.

Ask politely, talk up your loyalty to the hotel, and don’t be shy to tip the concierge for the favor.


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