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In our conversation, Winters talks about acclimating to Los Angeles and the process of finding the tone of “Battle Creek,” which may be funnier than what you're expecting.It's a tone he notes comes at least in part from his actual dynamic with Duhamel.On the HBO series “Oz,” for example, he played a bi prison inmate for a number of seasons.Because this was also one of the first major roles in his career and is consequently the first exposure that many people had to him, that reputation has followed him ever since.Even if you’ve been watching TV for your entire life, you still might not necessarily know the name Dean Winters. He’s been on some of the most popular shows in the last 20 years like “30 Rock,” “Oz” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”He’s also the current face of Allstate Insurance in their series of massively successful television commercials.Tina Fey called Winters “the gift that keeps on giving” thanks to just how deadly funny he can be.

We want to move past a lot of that and break new ground because we’re with the family and kids.” Church recently called up Paste to talk about Divorce’s Season One finale (which airs Sunday at 10 p.m.), ruminates on Robert’s many acts of aggression (such as handing Clement a gun, in one particularly jarring scene) and predicts what’s next for his character and his soon-to-be ex-wife.“That little-boy-lost look and his vulnerability became his key to stardom.“He was difficult, selfish and insecure but he made love to some of Hollywood’s greatest beauties.” Amazingly Dean dreamed of marrying Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.Dean met Monroe in 1955 and the pair quickly adjourned to a romantic weekend at a beachfront cottage.“He was very loving, very romantic,” Monroe told actress Shelley Winters.“But we really want to get a sense of how we are all moving on.That doesn’t mean that the divorce is going to be resolved anytime in the near future.“The first time I met Josh, I came in last March for rehearsal and I was lost and I was driving to the lot on Manhattan Beach and I was looking at my GPS and I literally came within a foot of running him over,” Winters too me when we sat down together two weeks ago.


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