Dating pool shrinks younger women

Earlier this month, Tinder launched “Tinder Plus,” a paid subscription version of the dating app that includes bonus features like a “rewind” button for saving accidental rejections and a “passport” to scope out users based anywhere in the world.Its cost is determined by what Tinder calls “differentiated price tiers by age”: Users pay .99 per month if they’re younger than 30; .99 if they’re older.I can say for sure that I am not perfectly symmetrical. I found one survey that said this about grey hair: ‘When respondents were asked to use a word to describe grey hair on men the top answer was “distinguished,” but for grey hair on women it was “old.”’ Sheesh.I do not have any greys yet and I don’t plan to get them until I hit 60.

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Will it be all over by age 40, or can you still look as sexy as George Clooney and Elle Mc Pherson? I have previously written a post on what I find attractive in men.

Mere months after Tinder made headlines for firing its only female co-founder under very shady circumstances, everyone’s favorite hook-up app has landed itself in a hot new drama — this one relating to how Tinder treats online daters of different ages.

This week, the company rolled out a premium, paid version called “Tinder Plus,” which lets users manually change their locations and undo “swipes” that they regret.

Not surprisingly, this pricing system has really pissed some people off.

Tinder justifies the difference by claiming it has tests showing younger people are “more budget constrained.” But critics have fired back with a much less generous implication: Old people are desperate.“Tinder has, with the foresight of an evil genius, identified the age at which you start to wonder whether you might be single forever—or at least when parental queries about your relationship status start to become quite panicked,” writes Daisy Buchanan, author of a book on online dating (and not, I should point out, the character from ).


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