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The origins of an organized Temple Emanu-El date back to 1938 when 35 Jewish families on Oahu formed the Honolulu Jewish Community.

In 1939, in cooperation with the Jewish Welfare Board, a small chapel on Young Street was leased and converted into a Jewish Community Center (JCC), which also served as Honolulu's first synagogue building.

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A Kiddush luncheon prepared by Sandy Jennings, Fresh from the Garden will follow the services.

Tourism, one of the major industries in the Hawaiian Islands, thrives on such images.

What most people will miss, especially the many Jews from the mainland of the USA who travel there for vacations or conventions, (almost 2400 miles, 3800 kilometers from the west coast,) is that on three of Hawaii’s more densely populated islands, Oahu, Maui and Hawaii (also called “the Big Island”) are viable Jewish communities.

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