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How will you start taking action on chopping down firewood, fixing your leaky roof, or writing the manifesto you’ll use to justify wrapping the entire town of Skokie, Illinois in shrink-wrap and holding it hostage?You could try breaking large tasks into tiny steps. It knows there’s a huge honkin’ task there, and that tiny step might expand to eat up our whole afternoon.Yes, it turns out that Stever Robbins, host of the Get-it-Done Guy, is only human. If you don’t count my bionic leg or my robotic eye with its built-in laser death ray. I need a big block of free time where I can just let my mind roam free. She said he was wrong, and being totally present was enough. Some speculate there are deep, meaningful psychological reasons we procrastinate.My thinking when I procrastinate goes something like this: “I have so much writing to do. Since I have these emails to answer and photos to file, I’ll get them off my mind by doing them really quickly. Let’s save the deep meaning for those late-night relationship conversations. In my past episode Stop Procrastination with Action Days, we covered how you can use a friend or a group of friends to kick yourself into action.

But before long I got way wrapped up in the allure of this routine, and truth was I was living a double life.This is especially poignant—indeed, a tragedy of near-Shakespearian proportions—because this episode is all about Step 2 in my I don’t know why I do it. You’d think I would spend the morning writing them. I spent half of the morning talking with a conference organizer about keynoting an event, when I could have scheduled our call for tomorrow. Without all that thinking, everything would be fine. Yes, there would still be eight articles on my list, but instead of thinking about them, I’d be writing them.I spent the rest of the morning answering personal email, checking my Facebook status, and categorizing a few pictures. And while writing each one, I would be totally present with that one. She says, “Give me a lever long enough, and let me be totally present, and I can move the world.” I told her that Archimedes originally said it was a place to stand that was needed.And, no, it's not all going to be like, "Girls, make him come to you" (though that's not bad advice).Chrissy, the author, with her single mom friends, Jenn and Nat.Here are a few ways to tell the difference between a bad bitch and a basic bitch: Contrary to widely held beliefs, piercings, tattoos or other body modifications do not make a girl a bad bitch.


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