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"I mean, he's gone through an even more intense version of it, and I fell in love with my best friend." See how Reese Witherspoon and your favorite stars stay fit The show has a history of playing matchmaker.

She write: 'As most of you know, I never post on social media.

The “Biggest Loser” contestants raced back and forth from a Velcro board to a bucket.

Tennis balls were attached to the Velcro boards above their heads, so they had to jump to fetch the tennis balls, which they carried back to their buckets.

To their surprise, the contestants learned there would be a yellow and red line.

The contestant with the lowest percentage of weight loss at the weigh-in would fall below the red line and be sent home immediately.

Watch a VIDEO of the Biggest Loser stars sharing their weight-loss secrets What sparked the connection?

Rebecca and Daniel Wright, who together lost nearly 250 pounds on ‘The Biggest Loser,’ have gained back nearly all the weight they’ve lost.

Moments after hearing the news about the red line, the contestants participated in a pop challenge.

Although the contestants knew the one-pound advantage didn’t guarantee they’d be safe from the red line, they felt they needed it now more now than ever before.

I know I will wake up feeling that one tomorrow morning!

The coach was able to give me some feedback on how to improve that kick, and that's one of the benefits of the group -- the chance to get some expert feedback and advice.


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